Manage pathogenic microbial infections and severe inflammatory conditions

Nu-Fa is a natural pure organic antibiotic with an antimicrobial spectrum broader than any conventional prescribed antibiotic as it acts synergistically with the penicillins and gentamicin. Nu-Fa acts non-specifically on the cell wall of microbes, making it an ideal antiseptic to be used where the infecting organism has not been identified or where an infection is exacerbated by a destructive inflammatory reaction.

Act 36 (1947) Reg. No. V27633


  • CHD- Fulvic Acid™
  • Molasses

Act 36 (1947) Reg. No. V27633

Nu-FA accelerates the absorption of nutrients , is a strong antioxidant and highly effective as a free radical scavenger.

  • Antimicrobial – Nu-FA possesses the ability to target the cell wall, cytoplasmic membrane, and particular functions of metabolism in the cytoplasm associated with replication, protein synthesis and function.
  • Diffuses across bacterial cell membranes
  • Decreases internal cytoplasmic pH through iron trapping to disrupt bacterial metabolic activities
  • Destroys bacteria membrane barrier
  • Disrupts the fungal cell envelope
  • Stabilises the gut microflora eubiosis
  • Increases papillae density and “softness” on the rumen wall
  • Inhibits pathogenic bacteria proliferation


Oral Admission.

1ml/3kg body mass once or twice daily as required. Use a drench or add to feed or drinking water.