Biosecure Organic Surface Disinfectant for Livestock, Food Processing and Beverage Industries

FULVISAN D is a pure, organic plant acid liquid cleaning chemical containing CHD-Fulvic Acid.

  • fights and removes bacteria reliably
  • anti-fungal and anti-viral
  • naturally derived ingredients
  • grey water safe (contains no contaminants)
  • free from harmful chemicals
  • non corrosive
  • not hazardous
  • compliance with SANS 1828 – cleaning chemical for use in food industry


  • CHD- Fulvic Acid™

FULVISAN D can be used in chicken, cattle, sheep and pig raising farms.

  • cleans and disinfects pens/stables before bringing in a new generation to avoid cross-contamination from one generation to the next.
  • ideal for regular spraying of all surfaces like floors, walls, posts etc. Especially young animals are more susceptible to infections, it is important to disinfect the farrowing facilities on a regular basis. FULVISAN D can be used as often as required as it does not harm the livestock.
  • can be used without removing the animals from the stables.
  • used to treat and prevent hoof diseases. FULVISAN D can be used as a foot bathing solution, containing no antibiotic, heavy metals or other environmentally hazardous substances for the health and condition of the hooves.
  • No need to rinse from food or other contact surfaces after use.
  • CHD-Fulvic AcidTM is a patented and clinically-tested, pure, pharmaceutical-grade fulvic acid produced in a SAHPRA approved, cGMP facility.


Dilute 40ml in 1L water or use a dilution of 1:25 water (4%)

Contact time: 5 minutes for light dirt and up to 10 minutes for heavy dirt.